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LED Lighting Systems
Create a suitable lighting in your space

Economy & Innovation

Adapted collection of lighting fixtures and parts,
especially for pergolas Star, Magna, Mega and Arch.


There are two types of lights: Spot and Flat LEDs
available in two color temperature.


Cool White: 6000k – 6500k
Warm White: 3000k


LED 12V bulb technology, with undeniable advantages
in terms of effectiveness, reliability and economy.


Available with an On-Off switch and, optionally,
with a potentiometer regulating light intensity (wired & wireless).


Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Utilise your space day or night with suitable lighting!


Increased quality & efficiency of lighting. Long lifespan and immediate response Minimum power consumption.

Reduced heat emissions.


Invest in the innovative shading systems 

Flat LED Lighting Systems
Spot LED Lighting Systems

Please tell us more about your project and how we can help you.

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